Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Police union: Council candidates wanted

Well, the deadline to file for mayor and city council has passed, but the police union is still looking.

Aside from incumbents on the council, who are well aware of the Fraternal Order of Police's political clout, the union didn't hear from many other candidates. So they took out an ad in today's Eagle requesting a candidate who is "pro public safety, can prioritize the spending of tax dollars, and who believes the police deserve a fair contract."

They've been getting calls all day.

"We've heard from a couple of the sitting council member and the mayor," union president, Sgt. Chester Pinkston, said. "We haven't heard near enough from the rest of them and we're obviously looking at who we want to endorse for this."

The FOP represents more than 600 employees -- employees whose families have not been shy in supporting the department (as seen in their most recent protest, which included moms, dads, kids and dogs). Typically, the union endorses a candidate after the primary, but Pinkston tells Barley Eagle that members tonight will discuss an earlier endorsement this year.

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