Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brewer took the top 33 precincts

Not only did city council member Carl Brewer win big in Tuesday's primary, he won almost every major precinct in town. That means Mayor Carlos Mayans did not have any significant strongholds in the city -- at least among the 23,892 people who voted for a mayoral candidate. Mayans' best showing Tuesday was in precinct 524, according to a quick spreadsheet analysis by The Hall Monitor this morning. Mayans had 134 votes there, but Brewer had 205.

But, it's worth noting that Mayans logged nearly 29,000 votes in the general election in 2003, which means the potential for him to gain significantly in the April vote is there. But it would probably take a 32 percent turnout like 2003 when there were big name write-in campaigns. This year, it appears no big names are jumping into the race. So turnout could again be a problem for the incumbent in April.

Mayans may be right that many of his would-be supporters stayed home, contributing to Tuesday's dismal 13 percent voter turnout. And it's likely that Brewer's Democratic support brought the party faithful out to the polls. But it appears Mayans will need significant Republican party help to boost him enough to compete with Brewer in April. And it's not yet clear if the county Republicans are going to push hard on Mayans' behalf.

I'm so excited! No, really. I am.

In the at-large Wichita school board race, Kevass Harding after a day of campaigning was ready to do cartwheels.

Karl Peterjohn? Well, let's just say he was awake.

When The Hall Monitor called to interview him about winning a slot in the April 3 election, he saved his excitement and was more reserved than usual. Peterjohn, the taxpayers advocate, isn't animated by nature but a drop in excitement was still noticeable.

So why no excitement? It's really about being cautious saying that his "campaign continues" and they will "continue to get the word out."

And we'll continue to keep tabs on you Mr. Peterjohn. YEAH! Or should we say... yeah.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Party with the candidates

Want to stand around and drink punch and exchange gossip while the primary election results roll in?

Here's where to do it -- at least with the big campaigns.

Carl Brewer: Courtyard by Marriott in Old Town, 820 E. 2nd St. Starts at 7 p.m.

Carlos Mayans: Broadview Hotel, 400 W. Douglas. Starts at 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

County commissioner hires consultant for fishing

Sedgwick County Commissioner Tom Winters says he's thought long and hard about the issue of consultants, what with the county and city of Wichita recently releasing information about how often they're hired with public tax dollars.

In fact, he's decided to take the issue home with him: He and his son are hiring a consultant to help them go fishing in Oklahoma.

"We're going to a lake we've never been to and fishing for a fish we've never fished for before," Winters said. "Now, we know how to fish, but in order for us to fully enjoy our experience, we thought a consultant would help us."

The "consultant" is a fishing expert who will spend half a day with Winters and his son. The consultant will show them where the best spots in the lake are and how to find different kinds of fish.

"You know, sometimes you just don't know everything and you need a little help. That's what this guy is for. And, though there are areas of expertise an organization like Sedgwick County needs to have, there's some things we just don't know."

'Nuff said.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Let the campaign ads begin

While the direct mail from city council and mayoral candidates have been hitting mailboxes for more than a month and signs are popping up all over town, the TV ads are just beginning.

Carl Brewer's ads started running this morning and you can expect to see more in between TV newscasts, Sunday morning political talk shows and even between snippets of Ugly Betty, the ABC show that airs before Grey's Anatomy (one of the most popular shows on TV).

The ad features a female voice over talking about Brewer's community activities and military career. Hitting TVs is probably the quickest way to develop name identification, which is, right now, the biggest problem for the Brewer camp since Mayor Carlos Mayans is well-known after four years as mayor and 10 years as a Republican state representative. No word yet on any Mayans ads. But stay tuned.

Brewer's ad debuts just a day before candidates are required to file their latest campaign finance reports. The reports will likely show how many more TV ads viewers can expect as campaigns go into full speed after next week's primary.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Candidates opine on downtown development

The Wichita Downtown Development Corporation published their candidate questionnaire responses online today, giving voters their most in-depth look yet at candidates' downtown ideas. (The Eagle's voters guide is due out Tuesday. See how mayoral candidates responded to the Wichita Independent Business Assocation here and how city council candidates responded here.)

The WDDC has long been focusing on parking and that showed in their questions. Candidates, meanwhile, all seemed to gravitate toward parking plans as the most important issue facing the core of the city. All the mayoral candidates that responded said they would support city-owned parking downtown, although some, like King David Davis, said city involvement should be a last resort.

Mayor Carlos Mayans didn't respond, and he wasn't available by phone this afternoon.

Parking, however, is already in the works. The city council is weeks away from a vote on the city's biggest TIF district ever. But questions remain about who should get inside of the borders.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Charged with illegal dumping after complaining about a messy yard

A few months ago, Sunflower Community Action got fed up with the mountain of garbage that was almost swallowing an entire house near 10th and Volutsia. They spoke at council meetings and they issued press releases.

They they decided to go to City Manager George Kolb's house. Kolb wasn't home, but his wife was. His wife accepted a letter from Sunflower, said it's George's problem to deal with not her's and then she closed the door, Sunflower reps. say. Sunflower left some signs in Kolb's yard with photos of the messy yard, ostensibly to show Kolb what it's like to live next to something like that. But it backfired.

Now, three Sunflower staffers and a 78-year-old woman who lives next to the trashy yard (which has since been cleaned up after a court battle), are being charged with illegal dumping and criminal trespass, according to a Sunflower press release.

Sunflower will have a press conference Friday to share their views about the charges, and, next week, they'll have court appearances.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Let's play a game...

Ever been to a school board meeting and wondered how they can be more lively? No worries. A reader sent along this gem to The Hall Monitor to help out. There may be a council or county version of this game but we haven't seen it yet.

To play click the read more link. Enjoy.

Do you get bored at educational-ese school board meetings? Try this.
1. Before (or during) the next meeting, prepare yourself by drawing a
square. I find that 5" x 5" is a good size. Divide the card into
columns-five across and five down. That will give you 25 one-inch
2. Write one of the following words/phrases in each block:
No child left behind
Test scores
Core competencies
Multiple exposures
Think outside the box
Action plan
Knowledge base
At the end of the day
Touch base
Background knowledge
Effective learning
3. Check off the appropriate block when you hear one of those
4. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
you win.
5. Any number can play.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

City offers its view for those curious about consultants

The city spent $1.5 million on consultants in 2006. That's according to the city's self-analysis released Tuesday in a move that should make Sedgwick County's forthcoming consultant use analysis that much more interesting.

The city's release indicates their defensive stance shortly after county commissioners requested an analysis of consultant spending and after inquiries by The Eagle and KAKE-TV. The city's statements also seem to respond to several mayoral and council candidates who have taken jabs at what they perceive as too much consultant use.

But candidates, many of whom list reduce government spending as a top priority, aren't likely to cut back their anti-consultant rhetoric anytime soon.

Street engineering studies account for much of the outside firm hiring, but the city has also paid for outside analysis of their productivity, surveys, legal aid and recruiting of job candidates.

Although the council frequently asks why city staffers are asking for consultants, the council is usually satisfied with the results -- at least enough to almost always unanimously approve the consultant contracts either one-by-one or in bulk when they're under $25,000. And a lot of the fees are actually paid by particular neighborhoods via special assessments for paving or sewer projects.

"Consultants provide an independent and outside perspective required on some projects to comply with Federal and state regulations or City ordinances," according to a press release issued today.

"Consultants are utilized" it continues, "when the project is a nonrecurring one or if the City may be short of critical expertise. Some projects occur infrequently, or call for special skills that cannot be learned quickly or easily by staff. Other projects require a quick turnaround. During peak demands there is an economy of scale utilizing consultants; engaging a consultant is cost effective and will be less expensive in the long run than hiring new employees or manager."

Fiscal Document Commodity

Purchase Order
Year No. Code Document Title * Vendor Name Total ** Comments ***
2006 PO600006 91842 Design Services for WDS Reed's Cove 3rd Baughman Company $4,100.00 CM 1/5/06
2006 PO600056 91842 Design Services for 13th & Broadway Ruggles & Bohm PA $24,730.00 CC 1/10/06
2006 PO600064 91842 Supplemental Agreement #1 Certified Engineering Design $4,170.00 CC12/12/05
2006 PO600065 91849 Supplemental Agreement #1 ACSG Inc. $4,950.00 CC 12/28/05
2006 PO600102 91842 Design Services for University - Maple Lane & Arapaho Certified Engineering Design $5,858.00 January Report
2006 PO600103 91842 Design Services for Park Lot Planeview Park Football Certified Engineering Design $8,100.00 January Report
2006 PO600117 91842 Design Services for Lateral 5, Main 10, FMCS Professional Engineering Consultants $6,000.00 CM 1/26/06
2006 PO600200 91842 Design Services for Mascot, 29th St N to 31 St N Certified Engineering Design $12,450.00 January Report
2006 PO600217 91842 Design Services for Hillside Baughman Company $17,325.00 CC 2/7/06
2006 PO600218 91842 Design Services for Storm Water Drain #267 Baughman Company $13,625.00 CC 2/7/06
2006 PO600223 91842 Design Services for Williamsgate MKEC Engineering Consultants $8,000.00 CC 2/7/06
2006 PO600225 95630 Historical Studies and Services Three Gables Preservation $8,000.00 February Report
2006 PO600242 91827 Consultant Services for Redevelop Authority Structure Michael Syphoe Consultant $9,196.00 February Report
2006 PO600244 91842 Design Services for Parkdale Professional Engineering Consultants $15,000.00 CC 2/7/06
2006 PO600245 91842 Design Services for Eberly Farm Office Baughman Company $10,400.00 CC 2/7/06
2006 PO600246 91842 Design Services for MacArthur, Meridian to Seneca Baughman Company $14,400.00 CC 2/7/06
2006 PO600306 90607 KS Aviation Museum Construction Engineer Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey $25,000.00 CC 3/24/04
2006 PO600308 91842 Brooks Landfill Groundwater Remediation Camp, Dresser, & McKee $2,750.00 CM 4/5/06
2006 PO600332 91874 Brooks Landfill Title V Air Permit Project Camp, Dresser, & McKee $12,500.00 CC 1/24/06
2006 PO600342 91842 Design Services for WDS & SS to Auburn Hills 16th Addn. Baughman Company $21,210.00 CC 2/28/06
2006 PO600343 91842 Design Services for 16" Water Line on 13th, 143rd to 159th Professional Engineering Consultants $5,500.00 CC 2/28/06
2006 PO600344 91842 Design Services for Ridge & Maple Intersection MKEC Engineering Consultants $16,500.00 CC 2/28/06
2006 PO600345 90607 ADA Compliant Restroom McAdams Park Law/Kingdon Inc. $11,400.00 March Report
2006 PO600370 91842 Construction Engineering Services for WDS Reed's Cove 3rd Baughman Company $1,490.00 CM 3/8/06
2006 PO600378 90779 Topo Survey & Point Elevations-Brooks Burns & McDonnell $3,900.00 CC 11/8/06
2006 PO600397 92587 Wellfield Waste Disposal Study Certified Engineering Design $4,922.00 CM 2/22/06
2006 PO600444 92597 ASR Phase 1-Temporary Inspection Svcs Poe & Associates of Kansas Inc. $25,000.00 CM 3/16/06
2006 PO600469 91842 Design Services for Paving to Krug North 2nd Addn Baughman Company $7,470.00 CC 3/21/06
2006 PO600472 91842 Design Services for Paving to 21st St. Kid's & Family Professional Engineering Consultants $15,250.00 CC 3/21/06
2006 PO600473 91842 Design Services for WDS & Paving for Woodland Lakes 3rd MKEC Engineering Consultants $15,600.00 CC 3/21/06
2006 PO600489 91842 Design Services for WDS & Paving for Blue Sky Addn. Certified Engineering Design $8,600.00 CM 3/27/06
2006 PO600546 91886 WaterWalk Design Services Greteman Group $14,912.75 CC 3/28/06
2006 PO600548 91842 Engineering & Construction Services Professional Engineering Consultants $10,000.00 April Report
2006 PO600549 91842 Mechanical & Electrical Eng Services Professional Engineering Consultants $22,500.00 April Report
2006 PO600552 91842 Design Services for 11th St. Bridge & Hillside @ Gyp Creek Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineering $13,660.00 CC 2/14/06
2006 PO600555 91842 Independent Cost Estimate Supp #2 ACSG Inc. $2,000.00 CM 3/9/06
2006 PO600591 94612 Actuarial Services Hilb Rogal & Hobbs of Kansas Inc. $15,000.00 March Report
2006 PO600607 91551 Serv Agreement-Flight Info Display System ARINC Inc. $13,392.00 May Report
2006 PO600626 90607 Architectural Services Kiosks @ Old Town Spangenberg Phillips Inc. $3,000.00 May Report
2006 PO600627 91819 Consult Serv Infrastructure Assessment Terracon Consultants Inc. $4,663.00 May Report
2006 PO600632 96160 Concessions Survey Touchpoll Surveys $2,470.00 May Report
2006 PO600641 91812 Wholesale Rate Study Raftelis Financial Consultant $14,268.00 CM 4/25/06
2006 PO600645 91842 Design Zelta from Kellogg to Waterman Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineering $19,812.00 June Report
2006 PO600662 91842 Design Services for 37th & Ridge Rd. Baughman Company $9,400.00 CC 4/25/06
2006 PO600697 91839 Lynnette Woodard Elevator Feasibility Study McCluggage Van Sickle & Perry $14,942.35 June Report
2006 PO600700 90607 WaterWalk Change Lewis/Water Intersectio Gossen Livingston Associates, Inc. $4,800.00 CM 5/18/06
2006 PO600712 90607 WaterWalker Redesign amphitheater Gossen Livingston Associates, Inc. $23,900.00 CM 5/18/06
2006 PO600714 91815 Airport Administration Building Study Richard B. Kraybill $6,000.00 June Report
2006 PO600740 91843 Environmental Consult Services Camp, Dresser, & McKee $20,000.00 CM 12/5/05
2006 PO600743 92597 Supplemental Agreement#2 Water Master Pl Burns & McDonnell $9,073.00 CC 4/4/06
2006 PO600765 91842 Design Services for 11th St Bridge MKEC Engineering Consultants $15,180.00 CC 5/23/06
2006 PO600786 91885 Search Firm Chief Info Officer Recruitment Slavin Management Consultants $21,601.28 June Report
2006 PO600787 91817 Air Service Consulting Services Sabre Inc. $25,000.00 CC 4/11/06
2006 PO600793 91842 Design Services for Storm Water Sewer #621- Pawnee Mesa Poe & Associates of Kansas Inc. $4,989.00 CC 6/6/06
2006 PO600796 91842 Design Services for WDS,SS, & Paving for Timberland Lakes MKEC Engineering Consultants $18,400.00 CC 6/6/06
2006 PO600797 91842 Design Services for WDS for Krug North 2nd Addition Baughman Company $10,300.00 CC 6/6/06
2006 PO600826 91842 Consultant Service to Rehab Hanger 16 Hanney and Associates Architects $8,000.00 July Report
2006 PO600884 92597 Revision Risk Management Plan EPA regulation Black & Veatch Corporation $21,600.00 CM 6/12/06
2006 PO600887 91842 Design Services for 13th- 119th to 135th Schwab-Eaton, PA $2,750.00 CC 6/20/06
2006 PO600888 91842 Design Services for Sanitary Sewer on Oliver, Harry to Kellogg MKEC Engineering Consultants $4,600.00 CC 6/6/06
2006 PO600889 91842 Design Services for WDS & SS for Central & Oliver MKEC Engineering Consultants $6,750.00 CC 6/6/06
2006 PO600890 91842 Design Services for Main 4 NW Interceptor Ruggles & Bohm PA $12,039.50 CC 6/20/06
2006 PO600891 91842 Design Services for Parking Lot Planeview Park Certified Engineering Design $15,600.00 CC 6/20/06
2006 PO600914 91876 Consulting Services Lawrence Dumont SRL Consulting, LLC $9,900.00 July Report
2006 PO600924 91842 Fairway Storm Water Improvements Baughman Company $7,200.00 July Report
2006 PO600935 91842 Design Services for 21st & Valleyview SWS & Channel Baughman Company $8,200.00 July Report
2006 PO600936 91842 Design Services for Maple St & Maple Dunes SWS MKEC Engineering Consultants $9,000.00 July Report
2006 PO600938 91842 Design Services for 32nd & Porter Storm Water Sewer DuBois Consultants, Inc. $6,900.00 July Report
2006 PO600939 91526 Electronic Data Interchange Services XEBEC Data Corporation $4,800.00 July Report
2006 PO600956 90735 Cowskin Creek Water Quality Reclamation Professional Engineering Consultants $19,800.00 CM 6/25/06
2006 PO600958 91842 Design Services for E Kellogg San Sewer Modifications MKEC Engineering Consultants $11,480.00 CC 7/11/06
2006 PO600960 91842 Design Services for 35th & Payne Storm Water Improvements KE Miller Engineering PA $7,500.00 CM 7/13/06
2006 PO600992 96150 Expert Witness Service Dr. Will Yancey CPA $10,000.00 CM 7/20/06
2006 PO601038 91812 Historic Central Busines District Survey Brenda A. Spencer $19,800.00 CM 6/2/06
2006 PO601053 90607 Arch & Eng Serv Impro Lawrence Dumont Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey $17,250.00 CC
2006 PO601054 90680 Supplemental Agreement # 4 Professional Engineering Consultants $21,650.00 CC 4/8/03
2006 PO601076 91842 Design Services for WDS, SS, & Paving for Brighton Courts MKEC Engineering Consultants $23,400.00 CC 8/1/06
2006 PO601078 91842 Design Services for Paving Wilson Estates Court MKEC Engineering Consultants $23,800.00 CC 8/15/06
2006 PO601081 91842 Design Services Ruggles & Bohm PA $9,000.00 CC 8/15/06
2006 PO601133 91842 Design Merton, East of Seneca Baughman Company $12,500.00 CC 8/15/06
2006 PO601135 91842 Design Services for WDS & SS for Copper Gate North Addn. Baughman Company $20,300.00 CC 8/15/06
2006 PO601157 91842 Design Sanitary Sewer Serve N of 31st N KE Miller Engineering PA $3,500.00 September Report
2006 PO601158 91842 Design Sanitary Sewer Serve N Pawnee Certified Engineering Design $2,495.00 September Report
2006 PO601159 96121 Cost Allocation Plan Maximus, Inc. $9,500.00 September Report
2006 PO601167 91842 Design Services for Storm Water Drain #296 Fontana Professional Engineering Consultants $3,500.00 September Report
2006 PO601168 91842 Design Services for paving Michelle;Tara Falls 3rd Ruggles & Bohm PA $4,300.00 September Report
2006 PO601169 91842 Design Services for WDS for Santa Fe Industrial Addn. MKEC Engineering Consultants $3,600.00 September Report
2006 PO601201 96150 Assist with statistical analysis The Tasa Group Inc. $25,000.00 CM 8/30/06
2006 PO601202 91842 FAA Consultation Agreement Federal Aviation Administration $22,926.00 CM 8/22/06
2006 PO601251 91842 Design Services for a Water Line in Hoover, N. of Zoo Blvd Transystems Corporation $1,000.00 CC 9/12/06
2006 PO601252 91842 Design Services for Lateral 4, Main 20 SWI Baughman Company $6,500.00 September Report
2006 PO601271 91842 Design Services for Harry & Mead Storm Water Sewer Imprv Transystems Corporation $9,800.00 CC 9/19/06
2006 PO601272 91842 Design Services for paving Grove & 63rd St S. Certified Engineering Design $20,850.00 CC 9/12/06
2006 PO601282 92523 Cheney Settlement & Deflection Survey Carlson-Baughman $8,175.00 November Report
2006 PO601305 91842 Design Services for Main 4 NWI Ruggles & Bohm PA $5,516.50 CC 10/3/06
2006 PO601338 91842 Structural Engineering Services Mauler Engineering LLC $10,000.00 October Report
2006 PO601373 91842 Design Services for Pawnee Ct-Water Main Replcmnt KE Miller Engineering PA $3,500.00 October Report
2006 PO601374 91842 Design Services for WDS for Harrison Pk 3rd Baughman Company $4,700.00 October Report
2006 PO601375 91842 Design Services for Lateral 401, FMCS Baughman Company $2,600.00 October Report
2006 PO601391 91842 Design Water Main Repalcement Estelle Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineering $16,440.00 October Report
2006 PO601392 91842 Design 16" Water Supply Line 45th St Baughman Company $18,000.00 October Report
2006 PO601405 92685 Geotechnical Service Fire Train Facility Allied Laboratories $2,500.00 November Report
2006 PO601406 91842 Design Services for Governeour & Osie Cir S. of Harry Baughman Company $15,800.00 CC 10/24/06
2006 PO601410 91849 Consulting for professional baseball HVS International Convention Sports $11,250.00 CM 10/31/06
2006 PO601470 91842 Design Services for Dry Creek Channel Improvements Black & Veatch Special $15,000.00 cc 10/17/06
2006 PO601471 91842 Design Services for paving 135th St. W, Maple-Central Schwab-Eaton, PA $9,300.00 cc 10/17/06
2006 PO601472 91842 Design Services for Gypsum Crk Channel Improvements HNTB Corporation $10,000.00 cc 10/17/06
2006 PO601475 91842 Design Services for WDS Merton Park Baughman Company $3,000.00 November Report
2006 PO601489 91843 Consult Serv Fuel Farms Study @ Airports Burns & McDonnell $19,855.00 November Report
2006 PO601490 91842 Design concrete bridge rail repair Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade $15,000.00 November Report
2006 PO601522 91842 Design Services for Storm Water Drain #296 Professional Engineering Consultants $15,400.00 November Report
2006 PO601523 91842 Design Services for paving Brookside Pkwy MKEC Engineering Consultants $16,100.00 November Report
2006 PO601586 91812 North Air Cargo Pavement Study Applied Pavement Technology $4,590.00 CC 11/7/2006
2006 PO601614 91885 Recruitment for HR Director The Par Group Paul A Reaume Ltd $13,650.00 December Report
2006 PO601636 96149 Outside legal services Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP $5,500.00 CC 9/12/06
2006 PO601647 91846 Architect Serv Airport Concession Utility Richard B. Kraybill $2,400.00 December Report
2006 PO601648 91819 Tenant building upgrade option study Richard B. Kraybill $2,400.00 December Report
2006 PO601652 91839 Facilitation Serv Hilltop Neighborhood The Austin Peters Group, Inc. $12,500.00 December Report
2006 PO601653 91889 Architectural Study 2204 S Tyler Rd Terracon Consultants Inc. $4,297.00 December Report
2006 PO601666 91843 Environmental Consulting Camp, Dresser, & McKee $17,000.00 December Report
2006 PO601667 91843 Environmental Consulting Camp, Dresser, & McKee $12,250.00 December Report
2006 PO601697 92464 Focus Group Study Center for Economic & Development $3,525.00 December Report
2006 PO601743 91842 Design Services for Main 22 Poe & Associates of Kansas Inc. $5,200.00 CC 11/21/06
2006 PO601749 91842 Design Services for paving Jardine Dr/21st St Kids Professional Engineering Consultants $16,000.00 CC 11/21/06
2006 PO601752 96150 Legal Services City's Worker's Comp Edward D. Heath Jr. $25,000.00 CC 2/1/06
2006 PO601757 91842 Design Services for Lateral 7, Main 15, SS #23 Ruggles & Bohm PA $9,200.00 December Report
2006 PO601758 91842 Design Services for paving 143rd St E, 21st- 24th Baughman Company $15,200.00 December Report
2006 PO601759 91842 Design Services for paving Cambell's Addn MKEC Engineering Consultants $3,120.00 December Report
2006 PO601773 91842 Supplemental Agreement # 3 ACSG Inc. $4,900.00 December Report
2006 PO601774 96150 Legal Services Hite Fanning & Honeyman LLP $10,000.00 December Report
2006 PO601871 91842 Design Services for WDS and paving Sycamore Pond Addn. Ruggles & Bohm PA $22,600.00 CC 12/19/06
2006 PO601872 91842 Design Services for Pawnee & McLean Ruggles & Bohm PA $4,828.00 CC 12/19/06
2006 AV606587
Professional Data Processing Analysis Bruce Benaway $10,000.00 October Report
2006 DP607674
Consulting Multi Function Print Devices Gloria Williams $2,650.00 October Report
2006 PO601431
I-135 Tunnel Repair Cost CH2M Hill $8,200.00 November Report
2006 DP608098
Sewer Bond Issue Burns & McDonnell $4,929.50 November Report
2006 DP608153
Design Services for Arena Storm Water Drainage Allied Environmental Consultants $1,275.00 November Report

Canyon Research Southwest The Star Bond Marketing Study $6,000.00 December Report


* The majority of design contracts listed on this report are neighborhood or development type projects, or charged to specific
homeowners through special assessments. The original intent for outsourcing these design contracts was to minimize
construction time for public improvements through efficient office and field coordination, thereby reducing inconvenience
to the public, and lowering interest costs.

** Purchase Order dollar amount designated is the not to exceed amount for the contract and not the amount that was paid
to the vendor.

*** Contracts that have December Report under Comments will go to City Council on February 13, 2007.