Sunday, April 1, 2007

Church stakes claim in future gambling zone

During the Hall Monitor's weekend watch, the Rev. Terry Fox, a vocal gambling critic, announced that his church has purchased one acre of land in the heart of what could become a gambling hot-spot.

Summit church plans to build in the commercial development district at Wild West World Amusement Park. The Park City property sets across the street from the Wichita Greyhound Park where a new bill would allow slot machines to be installed. The bill also allows destination casinos in four areas of the state - in either Sedgwick or Sumner Co., Ford County, Wyandotte County and either Cherokee or Crawford County. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has promised to sign the bill into law.

Fox said Summit Church is now in a prime position to minister to people with gambling addictions.

"We want to be a church that - rather than criticizing and complaining - will be here to help people," said Fox, who added that the church could break ground before this year ends.

Read more about the church's plans in Monday's Eagle.


Lonnie said...

Prior to Terry Fox setting-up house at Wild West World I had inquired about season tickets to WWW for my family. After Fox's public reunveiling at WWW we changed our minds about tickets. Kudos to WWW for breaking ground in the Kansas heartland, but I am not going to plug money into the Fox's den.

Gerald said...

What a sickening sanctimonious announcement from Terry Fox and his church to boast they will be in a position to preach to those who gamble by building their church in the gambling zone. All the while they had “rolled the dice’ with a half million donated non tax dollars in the now defunct WWW…….I guess when you gamble with the Lords money it’s different than when you gamble with a welfare check….or maybe if you actually worked to earn that money and made a decision to gamble that is when you need some sly Fox to preach to you. WHO NEEDS HELP NOW?