Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sunflower, George Kolb and a courtroom

It's been months since Sunflower Community Action members protested with residents at City Manager George Kolb's house. They were trying to force the city to clean up a chronically trash-packed yard at 10th and Volutsia. Now the yard has been cleaned. But the story continues. Sunflower will have a press conference Thursday afternoon to say that the city has spent an exceptionally large amount of money and energy to prosecute a brief protest at the doorstep of Kolb's home (as seen in the video below). Then, on Friday, three Sunflower members and a woman who lives next door to the now-cleaner property at 10th and Volutsia will be in court facing criminal trespass and illegal dumping charges for being on Kolb's property and leaving their protest signs behind.

Sunflower's media conference is at 2 p.m. The trial starts Friday at 9 a.m., but Sunflower members will be outside City Hall at 8 a.m. trying to gather support. (Read more about the case in previous Hall Monitor posts.)


recall Brewer said...

For this and many other reasons Kolb need to go!

Anonymous said...

This seems like a total waste of our taxpayer dollars. I also believe that the city had to hire an outside judge and prosecutor to fight these people. How much is this costing taxpayers.

WoW! when the city wants to make something a priority they do but it seems as though this time its a personal priority for Mr Kolb to shut down people holding him or any official accountable. This infuriate me as a citizen and tax payer.


Anonymous said...

This is a total waste of taxpayer and court time and money. Had the city done its job and moved on the
issue of dealing with blight, a protest in front of Mr. Kolb's house wouldn't have been needed. But rather admit and deal with the problem Mr. Kolb would rather spend
his time in court against folks whom just want the city leaders to do their job. I do not support Mr.
Kolb for a great many reasons. He is the wrong man for the job.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to George Kolb and city attorneys surpassing the Wichita Police Department in the category of wasted time and manpower.

Anonymous said...

George Kolb is Accountable to the Taxpayer!

*As a public official City Manager George Kolb is accountable to the taxpayer.

*He controls the entire city budget.

*He directs, hires, and fires all city employees

*He manages city operations

*George Kolb is not an elected official.

*We as taxpayers came to his home to hold him accountable to over 20 years of city neglect at 10th and Volutsia.

*Our direct voice is the only way to hold this unelected official accountable and it worked.

That mess is gone!

George Kolb is wasting our tax dollars to punish and hide from the taxpayer!

Since our action George Kolb has abused his power as City Manager by
*Getting his and neighbors homes dusted for fingerprints using a Crime Scene Investigation Unit.

*Getting his and his neighbors yards surveyed for footprints using a Crime Scene Investigation Unit.

*Occupying the time of detectives and other law enforcement officials to investigate this action for weeks and complete a detailed report of the case.

*Deploying a Special Detail from the Wichita Police Department to guard his home and neighborhood the next day.

*Carrying out a ridiculous and personally motivated courtroom battle on the taxpayer's dime

*Hiring impartial outside prosecutor and judge to hear the case due to a conflict of interest.

We project that George Kolb has already spent tens of thousands of dollars to punish SCA and hide from taxpayers.


We as taxpayers demand that he make it known to the public what he has spent on this case.

We challenge George Kolb to provide the taxpayers with a report that outlines each effort and expense by the city in this matter.

We challenge our fellow taxpayers to hold the City Manager Kolb responsible to their tax dollar. Call him at 268-4351 and demand that he inform taxpayers how he is spending their money in this case!

Anonymous said...

Sunflower Action is nothing but a bully! They have done this to many people. George Kolb does need to be held accountable but do it at his office - not his home. Be professional!

Anonymous said...

Klobs does need to go he has wasted too much tax dollars on what he wants such as the Christmas live tree he had transport 2 years ago it was mega bucks wasted, when the City all ready had the older snowflake tree that it had used many years, How ever this years tree was a local tree that had to be remove for expansion reason. Klobs office is full of non dressing profesionals

Anonymous said...

Klobes need to step down his track record is not good, and he doesn't work with the tax payers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the sunflowers are smart enough to know that they didn't stand a chance in Kolb's courtroom. Press On Sunflowers. Press ON. I appreciate your zealous efforts on behalf of our community and those of us without a political clout.

Sharon said...

We need to fire George Kolb! The only reason he is sore is because Mayor Carlos Mayans chewed his butt out for being so rude to Sunflower when they initailly tried to make contact with Kolbat his office! When Sunflower had to "come back" the next week, Kolb again was very rude to them, and did nothing to help them. As secretary of a different minority neighborhood assocaition, I am very concerned that Mr. Kolb is predjudiced and doesn't care about our Wichita residents and neighbor-hood assoc., esp. minorities.