Thursday, July 5, 2007

On the cyber trail, Brownback campaigns, bloggers spoof

In the online world, where Sen. Sam Brownback (or his campaign) has set up a MySpace page and a robust, blog-filled homepage, the Kansan is taking some apparently comedic hits for his socially conservative views.

Consider this story today in The Denver Post:

"... And if you peruse some of the blogs supposedly authored by his supporters, such as baptistsforbrownback(, you'll see that he believes in lots of other things too. Like that the Earth is flat - and does not revolve around the sun. And that rape should be referred to as an "unplanned sexual event" in order to "eliminate the excuses given by many women" for getting an abortion." The Post also lists as one of the parody sites.

Later in The Post's story, Brigham Young University political scientist Richard Davis says: "Sites like these don't sway undecided voters or push away (Brownback's) supporters. I think the biggest effect is that it's embarrassing for the candidate."


David B in WIchita said...

I just saw on C-SPAN2 that Brownback failed to cast a vote on the Iraq War today!

Did someone forget to tell him how to vote?

Or is he taking ANOTHER day off to raise more money for his doomed campaign?

Psycheout said...

That Denver Post story is a slanderous hit piece full of unsubstantiated allegations. The author, Karen E. Dummy, never even bothered to attempt to contact us. You should be ashamed of yourself to perpetuate lies and false insinuations.

See: Last Word on the Denver Post Smear