Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fireworks in the sky, debris on the bridge

The orchestra played, the cannons thundered and fireworks splashed across the sky to close out this year's River Festival. But for hundreds of people on the 1st Street bridge, the shells of the fireworks were also part of the show as they rained down in the steady Kansas breeze Saturday night. (In the photo to the left you see an example of some of the cardboard casings that fell from the sky, accompanied by clouds of sulfur-flavored smoke.)

But perhaps that's secondary. The closing night and the Friday evening festivities before it showcased the new paths along the Arkansas River, which were lit up with hundreds of people who were camped out for an early summer fireworks display. And, of course, the Keeper of the Plains and the ring of fire around it. The question remaining for the downtown portion of the river corridor is will that swath of land a little farther south, called the WaterWalk, one day be part of the spectacle?


driabyor said...

What goes up, must come down.

Anonymous said...

This happens a lot. Several years ago we were hit by debris the size of a shoebox. a person next to me had to get stitches. Never sit down wind.

Anonymous said...

The table those pieces of debris are sitting on have that distinctive cheap faux wood veneer look of a ambulance chasin' plaintiff lawyer's office

Sad Dad said...

My cute little girl was hit by falling hot debris at the fireworks this year. It was not so bad that it was falling debris as much as it was glowing hot debris that hit her shoulder and back.

Sad Dad!

I Follow The Directions said...

If you would not go past/ignore City of Wichita and Police barricades so you can stand in the fall out zone instead of staying where you were told these things would not happen.