Monday, May 14, 2007

When politicians fumble in Favre country

Referencing the hometown team will almost always buy a political candidate some applause -- after all, even if the crowd isn't excited about the candidate, most people stand behind the team. The flip side to that is if you mention the competition.

Over the weekend, Sen. Sam Brownback dropped the Peyton Manning bomb in Brett Favre country. The crowd let him know, according to an Associated Press story that several news websites picked up this weekend.After he realized his analogy flopped, he backtracked. "That's really bad," he said. "That will go down in history. I apologize."

"Let's take Favre then," Brownback said later. "The Packers are great. I'm sorry. How many passes does he complete without a line?"

"All of them!" more than one person yelled from the back of the room.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? This man thinks that the earth is flat.

Chris in Andover said...

Forget the football analogies. Brownback is an open borders advocate and a sellout to Mexico. He does not represent U.S. citizens, except the few who donate to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

He's an idiot. Vote Ron Paul