Thursday, May 17, 2007

What is the Wichita school board doing Monday?

The Wichita school board meet Monday and it's a full agenda.

The consent agenda, which is usually a list of bills to pay and is voted on all at once, has some interesting items including renewing licenses for SchoolNet, a network that allows teachers to have a clearinghouse for all the information they need to know including student test scores. The cost to renew is $640,000.

Another item is the increase in student lunch prices by 10 cents starting July 1. Adult lunch prices increase by 15 cents.

Most of the rest of the agenda, which is usually voted on separately, are adjustments and changes to policies including the student code of conduct, the voluntary early retirement program, and providing unpaid leave for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Probably the most anticipated item is the memorandum of understanding between city and the school district on school resource officers. The document formalizes each entity's role when it comes to school resource officers. Mainly, it says that the officers are city employees, the board can't make any policies to hinder the use of any of their equipment and, with permission from their bosses, the officers can do a summer program at their school.


Anonymous said...

Why are new schools being built, that don't take Kansas weather threats seriously? If an F5 tornado hits Wichita while school is in session, the death toll count would be horid.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the issue of uniforms for the students, why not start with the teachers? They are the ones who should be setting an example and some are definitely setting a poor one! Most professionals have a dress code. If they want to be treated with respect then they should dress with respect!!!