Tuesday, February 20, 2007

County commissioner hires consultant for fishing

Sedgwick County Commissioner Tom Winters says he's thought long and hard about the issue of consultants, what with the county and city of Wichita recently releasing information about how often they're hired with public tax dollars.

In fact, he's decided to take the issue home with him: He and his son are hiring a consultant to help them go fishing in Oklahoma.

"We're going to a lake we've never been to and fishing for a fish we've never fished for before," Winters said. "Now, we know how to fish, but in order for us to fully enjoy our experience, we thought a consultant would help us."

The "consultant" is a fishing expert who will spend half a day with Winters and his son. The consultant will show them where the best spots in the lake are and how to find different kinds of fish.

"You know, sometimes you just don't know everything and you need a little help. That's what this guy is for. And, though there are areas of expertise an organization like Sedgwick County needs to have, there's some things we just don't know."

'Nuff said.

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