Thursday, February 15, 2007

Charged with illegal dumping after complaining about a messy yard

A few months ago, Sunflower Community Action got fed up with the mountain of garbage that was almost swallowing an entire house near 10th and Volutsia. They spoke at council meetings and they issued press releases.

They they decided to go to City Manager George Kolb's house. Kolb wasn't home, but his wife was. His wife accepted a letter from Sunflower, said it's George's problem to deal with not her's and then she closed the door, Sunflower reps. say. Sunflower left some signs in Kolb's yard with photos of the messy yard, ostensibly to show Kolb what it's like to live next to something like that. But it backfired.

Now, three Sunflower staffers and a 78-year-old woman who lives next to the trashy yard (which has since been cleaned up after a court battle), are being charged with illegal dumping and criminal trespass, according to a Sunflower press release.

Sunflower will have a press conference Friday to share their views about the charges, and, next week, they'll have court appearances.

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