Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brewer took the top 33 precincts

Not only did city council member Carl Brewer win big in Tuesday's primary, he won almost every major precinct in town. That means Mayor Carlos Mayans did not have any significant strongholds in the city -- at least among the 23,892 people who voted for a mayoral candidate. Mayans' best showing Tuesday was in precinct 524, according to a quick spreadsheet analysis by The Hall Monitor this morning. Mayans had 134 votes there, but Brewer had 205.

But, it's worth noting that Mayans logged nearly 29,000 votes in the general election in 2003, which means the potential for him to gain significantly in the April vote is there. But it would probably take a 32 percent turnout like 2003 when there were big name write-in campaigns. This year, it appears no big names are jumping into the race. So turnout could again be a problem for the incumbent in April.

Mayans may be right that many of his would-be supporters stayed home, contributing to Tuesday's dismal 13 percent voter turnout. And it's likely that Brewer's Democratic support brought the party faithful out to the polls. But it appears Mayans will need significant Republican party help to boost him enough to compete with Brewer in April. And it's not yet clear if the county Republicans are going to push hard on Mayans' behalf.

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