Monday, February 5, 2007

Can she keep property taxes low?

Sedgwick County Commissioner Gwen Welshimer is adamant about preventing a property tax increase this year, so much so that she's asking the county manager and finance director where they can find $4.3 million.

That's how much is needed to fill a 5 percent property value increase this year, Welshimer told The Hall Monitor today. She wants the county to reduce the mill levy and funnel $4.3 million from somewhere else to fill the gap.

She's asked manager Bill Buchanan and finance director Chris Chronis to look over this year's budget and see where they can cut $4.3 million.

Where will that money come from?

"I'm not real sure, but the manager and finance director should be able to tell me that," Welshimer said. "Well, I hope they should."

Welshimer plans to bring the issue to the table again at Tuesday's staff meeting.

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