Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm not telling you what to do but....

Wichita schools superintendent Winston Brooks is happy that everyone is back from spring break but he wants to remind everyone to vote on April 3.

Not sure who to vote for? Call the union.

In an email given to the Hall Monitor, Brooks, who sent it out a district wide, thanked teachers and staff for their work during the year.

At the end, he urges everyone to do their civic duty and vote. Brooks writes:

"Finally, let me remind all of you that you owe it to yourself, to our students, to the District to go vote on Tuesday, April 3. As you all know, we have contested races in four out of seven School Board seats. Contested races are in District 1, 3, 4, and At Large. I strongly recommend that you educate yourself about the candidates in each of these races. If in doubt, I would encourage you to contact Paul Babich or Larry Landwehr of UTW should you need recommendations on who to vote for. I also want to remind you that those of us who reside within the boundaries of USD #259 will be able to vote for all four races."

The UTW or the United Teachers of Wichita, the teacher's union, endorsed incumbent Kevass Harding, district 3 candidate Barb Fuller and district 4 candidate Jeff Davis. The same candidates endorsed by a majority of the school board members.

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Anonymous said...

When I was elected to the Board of Education four years ago, I was labeled a “novice” by The Wichita Eagle editorial board. They were right. I was a novice, but today as the President of the Board and an outgoing board member I am not a novice any longer. I have worked for the students, staff, parents, grandparents, community groups, and citizens who reside in the Wichita school district who may or may not have children attending our schools. Being on the board is arduous work, and not just at election time when seeking another term. As a board member, I made many sacrifices with my family, my business, and myself. Good attendance, studying the meeting agenda, and knowing the issues is necessary to discuss and negotiate effectively for the constituents of Wichita Public Schools. I am not “throwing stones” as quoted in the Eagle. I am merely stating the truth. Mr. Harding missing 20 of 86 board meetings is unacceptable to me. I would hope that this community agrees with me.

I had made a decision in January, not to become publicly involved in the campaigns for the Board of Education, but I cannot sit quietly while other current Board members are making statements that are simply not true. The candidates I am supporting are not wanting to lower teacher salaries In fact, they will work to raise the salaries of our hard working, and overwhelmed teaching staff. They are not going to cut athletics and fine arts. They know a well rounded education is important for student achievement. I am endorsing Cindy Duckett, Karl Peterjohn, and John Stevens, because they want to make sure ALL students are successful, all students graduate from high school, without regard of their family’s economic status. Duckett, Peterjohn, and Stevens, are in fact for the students and staff of Wichita Public Schools. I know my choices are for the right reasons. I encourage the constituents of Wichita Public Schools, which includes a large number of USD259 staff, to give these candidates, Duckett, Peterjohn, and Stevens, the opportunity to represent them. They will do the work.

Sarah Skelton