Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's the Council up to next Tuesday? Lots.

It may be campaign season, but the City Council trudges on. Next Tuesday, your representatives will decide whether to fill in 18 acres of wetlands to make way for a big commercial development near 29th and Maize. Residents there have serious concerns about how this will affect flooding. Developers point to a recent consultant study that shows that if the city recreates the wetlands in the Cadillac Lake area, it should solve some of the existing flood hazards. But many people are not convinced.

And there's much more... The Council is also going to hear from Sunflower Community Action about eliminating blight. This public address follows shootings this week in some of the most blight-filled parts of town (See The Eagle's story). The address also follows a long battle to clean up a property near 10th and Volutsia, trespassing charges after Sunflower visited City Manager George Kolb's home and a citywide tour where Sunflower pointed out the 20 worst properties. They say they can't get Carl Brewer, who represents the area with all 20 homes, or Kolb to meet with them. So they're using the public agenda -- as they've done in the past to bring attention to issues.

Also noteworthy: Jennifer Lee gives an update on the struggling Old Cowtown Museum and the Council decides whether to overturn a Historic Preservation Board opinion about the design of the Kelly Hotel and Conference Center on East Douglas.

And if mayoral race politics flare up again like they did last week, hold tight and keep a lot of coffee handy if you plan to watch on Channel 7.

Need more? See the city's agenda.

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