Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's all the fuss about? See for yourself

Sunflower Community Action members are awaiting their April 19 criminal trespass trails in municipal court. The charges stem from a well-publicized protest at City Manager George Kolb's house.

See what it's all about in this 8-minute video.

After Kolb's wife closed the door on them, Sunflower members (with megaphone in hand) sang "jingle bells, this town smells, take it all away, if you don't next Tuesday, we'll be here everyday."

"Are the police going to come?" someone asked. J.J. Selmon, a Sunflower leader who has advocated on behalf of upset neighbors, said even the police are upset with Kolb over their stalled salary negotiations.

Another YouTube video shows the mess at 10th and Volutsia before the city took the property owner to court and got the go ahead to clean it up and bill the property owner.

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