Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who's speaking for whom?

A letter sent out to about 50 West Wichita residents on behalf of District 5 City Council candidate Jeff Longwell says he will propose a city ordinance to freeze senior citizens' property taxes. It also requests you send him money to pay for a $500 a day ad in the Wichita Eagle proposing his "FREEZE THE TAXES" campaign.

Longwell says the letter is bogus.

The letter was sent out by Patrick Quaney, a District 5 primary candidate who has since endorsed Longwell since losing the primary. He says he "misunderstood" Longwell's stance on freezing property taxes.

"I will lobby the Legislature to freeze property values, but I know I can't, as a city councilman, do that," Longwell says.

Read the letter here. You can also read a full story on the Eagle's website.


Barry said...

Off topic, but I just want to thank you for the Hall Monitor. The newsy bits are interesting and the tone is just right; smart with a hint of restrained snark.
It may still be an exercise in "community journalism" but it doesn't yet have the saccharin smack of the daily print product.
If the paper were as sophisticated and readable as this blog, I would start buying it again.
Keep up the good work.

District 5 Voter said...

At least Jeff is listening to new ideas for lower taxes...where is Paul Tobia's proposal?

votelongwell said...

I might be a little biased as a Longwell supporter, but that article was well written and I believe that it showed just exactly why Longwell should be voted into City Council. Tobia wants to play dirty and point seems as thought he can say what he wants without it being publicly printed. Tobia's true colors are not that pretty and this artcle depcits that very well.